Janet A Wilson


  • Driving into Israel
  • In the old city of Jerusalem, the Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall,
  • A quiet corner with a Menorah at the back.
  • Sorting and packing. Most stuff was shipped back to Canada, and some to South Africa.
  • Sitting at the loading dock waiting for instructions.
  • Saying goodbye to our Land Cruiser, which was shipped back to South Africa.


  • Tom and Janet in front of a shipping container with our Land Cruiser.
  • Boxes are being prepared for shipping back to Canada.
  • Wrapping all our boxes, which were very strong ammunition boxes.
  • Contemplating having to return to Canada and saying goodbye to our travelling lifestyle.
  • Phoning our sons to say we’re flying home to Canada.
  • Tom and Janet, and farewell to a lifestyle we loved and grew from.