Janet A Wilson



  • Market, where we bought our fruit and vegetables.
  • They call this a bend-and-buy market, as everything is laid out on the ground.
  • Warning of hippos in Lake Malawi that come on shore at night.
  • Fisherman in the same lake during the day
  • Fishermen were mending fishing nets at the lake edge.
  • A woman washing a child in the lake.
  • Incredible cloud formation over the lake. I have no idea what kind of cloud formation it is.
  • Heading off to go Scuba diving in Lake Malawi with millions of cichlids.
  • Scuba diving in the warm lake with all the colourful fish.
  • Women washing in a stream.
  • Water pumps where locals get their drinking water. Those pumps are hard to pump!
  • Damm, nearly a divorce road. This was shortly before we arrived at the truck going in the opposite direction, and we had to pass it.
  • The church was named after the Scottish missionary Dr Stanley Livingstone.
  • There is a stained glass window with Dr Stanley Livingstone in the middle and black local men on the sides.
  • Our hut was on the top of the plateau, where we stayed for the night.
  • Resting after our scary trip back down to Lake Malawi
  • We are getting our battery charged at the Battery Charging and Coffin workshop.
  • The horrors of HIV and AIDS in Africa.