Janet A Wilson


  • Sunset over the bushveld.
  • An African elephant and my favourite wild animal.
  • Our journey was not without its challenges. We encountered our first tire blowouts, a total of four, and had to deal with 14 punctures between Cape Town and Cairo.
  • The struggle to replace fix our problems, especially when one has two tire blowouts simultaneously.
  • Entering the game park and enjoying the zebra and gemsbok at the waterhole.
  • A tired leopard is yawning in the night after a tiring hunt.


  • Wild African elephant. The African elephant is the largest land mammal. It is much larger than an Indian elephant and has a very different shape of their ears.
  • Heading to a campsite.
  • That tap incident, after which we realized we had to have excellent hand and sign language when directing. A clenched fist means stop!
  • Campers are coming to assist in fixing a tap that we ran over. I was driving, and Tom was directing me.
  • More elephants at the waterholes
  • Zebras often hang out with the wildebeest.