Janet A Wilson


  • This is the view from our hotel window in Dar es Salaam, overlooking the warm Indian Ocean on the east coast of Africa.
  • Waiting in the lineup for the ferry. Men and women were separated.
  • The old Anglican Church was built by the British in 1873 over the site of the slave quarters.
  • Monument outside the church of life-size enslaved people chained up.
  • The dark, dank holding cells where enslaved people were kept while waiting for ships to transport them to the Americas.
  • Janet is sitting on the cold, damp cement bench in an enslaved person holding cell.
  • Masai Mara men and women leading cattle into Ngorongoro National Game Park
  • Reticulated Giraffe. There are several species of giraffe, and they are identified by their skin patterns. A giraffe kick can kill a lion; giraffes are very protective of their young. Anne Innis Dagg is known as the giraffe lady.
  • Tsavo National Park and maneless man-eating Tsavo Lions. We were so lucky to see them and not be eaten by them.
  • Curious colourful Mwanza flat-headed rock agama or the Spider-Man agama. An agama is a genus of small-to-moderate-sized, long-tailed, old-world lizards.
  • I saw a little red-chested African bird with an insect in its beak. I need to find out what species the bird is.
  • Buffalo with a bird eating insects in the buffalo’s ear. Can you spot the bird?


  • The vast open savanna of a game national park, where wildlife live and wander.
  • A baobab tree is known as an upside-down tree, as the branches on top look like roots. The baobab only flowers once a year, and it just happened to be flowering when we were there. Of course, there are different types of baobab trees.
  • African traffic jam. So much happens on the roads: people chat, herd cattle, and loaded trucks transport goods.
  • Tom is cooking supper before setting in for the night.
  • On the road to the Rwanda border crossing, we were warned not to drive because of rebels. It’s too dangerous, the officials said, but the locals said to go, so we went and made it safely.
  • I met with a nun while camping at the Catholic mission at the border of Rwanda.