Janet A Wilson


ISRAEL Driving into Israel In the old city of Jerusalem, the Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall, A quiet corner with a Menorah at the back. Sorting and packing. Most stuff was shipped back to Canada, and some to South Africa. Sitting at the loading dock waiting for instructions. Saying goodbye to our […]

1st Blog post

Although this is my first blog post for my author’s website, I have been blogging for many years as well as keeping detailed notes, and making diary entries since I was a young girl. I  love writing and sharing my experiences, thoughts, musings and learnings with my readers. My intention with this blog is to […]


BOTSWANA Tom and Janet with Land Cruiser. I don’t know where the photo was taken, but it was in Botswana. Sunset at the campsite. Africa has such incredible sunsets. Perhaps because the sun sets so fast. Infant elephant following mom to the river. The same infant elephant with its mother and matriarch of the herd […]

South Africa

SOUTHERN AFRICA Tom and I lived in the wilderness shortly after we were married. Tom was working as an exploration mineral geologist. I loved our lifestyle, the wilderness, and our only neighbors, the wildlife. Calgary Calgary City, a city of towering office buildings The Peace Bridge crosses Bow River to the Calgary business centre. Tom’s […]


NAMIBIA Sunset over the bushveld. An African elephant and my favourite wild animal. Our journey was not without its challenges. We encountered our first tire blowouts, a total of four, and had to deal with 14 punctures between Cape Town and Cairo. The struggle to replace fix our problems, especially when one has two tire […]


ZAMBIA Driving off the ferry and landing in Zambia. I am the white person walking ahead of Tom driving off. One of the most enriching aspects of our journey was the opportunity to meet and converse with the locals. Their warmth and openness made it easy for us to approach and engage in conversations. Okay, […]